zondag 14 oktober 2012

(1) What's in a name

1)     What's in a name - the journey starts

Dear namesakes....... what's in a name? 

Whether your name is Beaugeois-Beaujois-Beaugois-Boosuwa-Bosua-Bozuwa-Bozua we can conclude that we are all family and descended from the same ancestors.

Often, the first and last name was phonetically registered. So Beaugeois changed in over 300 years in Beaugois-Boosuwa-Bosua-Bozuwa-Bozua.

With this blog I will attempt to make a journey through time. Starting with the first known ancestor Beaugeois in 1684 to the present.

In short a journey through time......... From the town Hesdin France to the Netherlands and further spread across the world.


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  1. Hallo Ruud,
    Jacques Bernardine Beaugois is my great uncle's third great grandfather.

    Alex → Dorothea Karolina van 't Hoff - van Strij
    your mother → Willem William van Strij
    her father → Maria van Strij
    his sister → Gerard Gijsbert Bozuwa
    her husband → Gijsbert Bozuwa
    his father → Gerrit Bozuwa
    his father → Gijsbert Bosuwa (Bosiwa)
    his father → Pierre Henry Beaugois
    his father → Jacques Bernardine Beaugois
    his father

    Alex van 't Hoff

  2. Hallo Ruud,
    Ik heb op Geni.com de stamboom uitgewerkt en op Picasa webalbums wat foto's van mijn oud-tante Maria Bozuwa van Strij https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/-ZWDfbFT4sTTp79RHZ6PKvgu_iAD17sqfqh7mYA_BOI?feat=directlink


  3. Alex, interessant..voor meer info of uitgebreide fam tree sent me an email: ruud.bozua@facebook.com

    I'm a member of 10 generations Beaugeois, Bozuwa,Bosua, Bozua family 1682 - 1960.
    >Generation 10 : Rudi Bozua (born 1960);
    >Generation 9 : Hendricus Johannes Bozua (born 1927)<>Hendrika Veltman (born 1926);
    >Generation 8 : Jacobus Gerardus Bozua (born 1898) <> Elisabeth Wilhelmina Teresia Parmentier (born 1902);
    >Generation 7 : Jacob Bernardus Bosua Bozuwa Bozua (born 1873) <> Johanna Gesina Steinmann (born 1876);
    >Generation 6 : Gijsbert Bosua (born 1851) <> Maria Miendert (Miner) (born 1851)
    >Generation 5 : Jacob Bernardus Bosua (born 1821) <> Christina Jozina Solcer (born 1823);
    >Generation 4 : Gijsbert Bosua Bozuwa Bozua (born 1789) <> Francijntje Van der Vlies (born 1788);
    >Generation 3 : Jacques Bernadin Bozuwa (born 1746) <> Aartje van den Heuvel (born 1746);
    >Generation 2 : Jacques Bernardin Beaugeois ( born 1712) <> Catharine Petronille van Torre(n) (born 1708);
    >Generation 1 : Jacques Beaugeois (born 1682) <> Marie Francoise Rambure (born 1665).