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(3) 1680 The earliest known ancestor


The earliest known ancestor Jacques Beaugeois lived in Hesdin, a fief of the counts of Artois.
Jacques Beaugeois  was  a locksmith and married to Marie Francoise Rambure .

Jacques Beaugeois was born on May 8th, 1684. His parents were Jacques Beaujois (deceased May 2nd, 1693) and Antoinette Doudain.
Antoinette must have been born around 1640 as daughter of Pierre Cordier and Jaqueline Doudain ( date of marriage July 18th, 1660.

Antoinette Doudain is later named Cordier (the name of the grandmother of Jacques Cordier in place of the name of the mother Doudain).

Source: CEGP7V  Centre d”etudes Genealogiques du Pays de 7 Vallees. Mairie F-62140 HESDIN (Mr.Patrick Warin). Capelle lès Hesdin registers a town 6 miles south of Hesdin.

Jacques married at about the age 25 in 1705 Marie Francoise Rambure. Marie Francoise was born about 1682 in Hesdin. Unfortunately it is not known who her parents are.  Investigations of other relatives named Rambure have so far been unsuccessful.

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