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(6) Jacques Bernadin Beaugeois 1737-1750-1783


Jacques Bernadin Beaugeois 1737-1750-1783


Jacques Bernadin Beaugeois the only child of 5 brothers and sisters that the fatal diseases at birth managed to overcome was born May 20th, 1712 moved from Hesdin to Dunkirk Fr. He married October 3rd, 1737 in Dunkirk Fr. Catherine Petronille van Torre(n).  Catherine Petronille was born in Dunkirk May 31st, 1708. Daughter of Jean van Torre(n) and Josifine Alfroet.


Jacques Bernadin signed on as a soldier in the 1763*. He was aboard the Ship ‘t Huys ten Donck. Sailing for the Chambers of Rotterdam (#276). This is also the period that the name Beaugeois was displayed as Bourgois or Bougois. Jacques carried back and forth Batavia, Makassar and Nagapattinam.


Per month he pays a fix amount of his wages to his wife Catherine (Catharijna) Petronille (Petronella) van Torre. This amount was paid anchored off in Rotterdam until she died. Jacques Bernadin was probably at that period not in the Netherlands. He died August 17th, 1783 in Batavia. Catherine Petronille died December 17th , 1783. Her death was reported by ship "de Vrijheid" to India. After she died his legacy was (minus already paid funeral expenses for his wife) paid to his daughter Marie Josepha Beaugeois (Beaugoij), on behalf of the joint children.

Jacques Bernadin Beaugeois and Catherine Petronille van Torre has given birth to 6 children.


*) As all their children were born in Dunkirk I assume 1760-1763 must have been the years the family “emigrated” to Dordrecht the Netherlands. He was said to have been the first Beaugeois who settled in Dordrecht the Netherlands. Jacques was not often in the Netherlands. In 1770 the Beaugeois family lived in the “Raamstraat” in Dordrecht. At her death in 1783 Catherine Petronille lived in “de kleine Spuitstraat” in Dordrecht the Netherlands.

Kleine Spuistraat Dordrecht The Netherlands


Raamstraat Dordrecht The Netherlands


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