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(7) Ship ‘t Huys ten Donck – 1745

Named after Huis ten Donk in Ridderkerk the Netherlands. Otto Groeninx, at that time owner of the estate was governor since 1740 of the Rotterdam chamber. The ship was built at a shipyard in Rotterdam and used by the VOC from 1745 to 1770. The ship had a load capacity of 875 tonnes and a lenght of 136 feet (appr. 42 mtrs). The ship was in 1763 part of an additional equipage of seven ships (Giesenburg, Lekkerland, Duinenburg, Huis Ten Donk, Gouveneur-Generaal,  Schagen and Stralen), along with the first set equipage of 26 vessels, of which 5 were destinated for Ceylon. These ships were to take as many soldiers because of the war with King of Kandy.

Ship Huys ten Donck departed June 15th, 1763. The place of departure was Goeree via Cape of Good Hope with destination Batavia. The name of the skipper was Frederik Wielard. The crew of Ship Huys ten Donck consisted of 231 to 304 soldiers.
VOC shipyard


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